Coral Gables / Miami USA: Permanent sculpture installation finally completed! (10)

My new public artwork has been permanently installed on the recently redeveloped Giralda Avenue, ready for Art Basel Miami Beach 2018!

The organic shapes of the sculptures remind us of living and breathing pieces of coral and sea organisms of the underwater world. They reflect the circular motion of the pavement pattern and are inspired by the earthy colors and outlines in the sand, the ocean and the Florida skies with its typical summer afternoon rainfalls. This contemporary artwork complements the sophisticated character of the entirely renewed area of the historical center of Coral Gables.

We live in times of fast transformation and constant change. This results in great emotional disorientation and omnipresent superficiality. I see my sculptures as anchor points of stability and timeless values. They are tangible, earthbound and everlasting.

The two sculpture groups mark the opposite end of our times, dominated by the superficiality and gibberish of countless tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook stories, short messages and e-mails. My artworks stand here today, tomorrow, maybe forever – but surely longer than we all may live. This sense of eternity and stability, deeply embedded already in the peculiarity of the material stone itself and contradicting our times and the contemporary art world, is very fascinating to me.

Coral Gables invites you to a dedication ceremony of the Public Art Installation of „Coral Forest’“ and „Secrets of the Sea“ by the artist Sibylle Pasche on

Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 5.30 pm at Giralda Plaza on Galiano Street

“Coral Forest” is a group of three sculptures marking the east entrance of Giralda Ave (at Galiano Street) while “Secret of the Seas” is a solitary sculpture at the west entrance (at Ponce de Leon Blvd).